not Getting Interviews?
It's The #1 Mistake Job Seekers Are Making
Now you can finally stop worrying... land a new job, earn more, and restore your confidence. 
Changing your career or looking for a new job [especially at mid-life] is difficult..... 

Maybe you've been laid off, downsized or surplussed.  Maybe you're just looking to switch careers.

While you know your experience is rich and valuable, your profile picture may give hiring managers impression that you're not up to speed in current skills or are just  "looking for your last stop."

You Need To Brand & Market... You
 Have you noticed your LinkedIn profile gets viewed by recruiters but you don't get calls?
 do you hate having your picture taken because you look older than you feel?
 maybe you don't have $600 - $1,800 to hire a professional photographer for a portrait sitting. 
 be honest, is your profile picture just blank because you hate how you look in photos?  You Do know that's the kiss of death for recruiters, right?
A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words
Your photo is an advertisement of you. In today's career market, having a great, professional headshot can mean the difference between getting noticed by recruiters and getting interviews -- or getting no response to your resume!  
A profile without a headshot is the kiss of death!
Do you know that recruiters and hiring managers clearly report that "candidates who haven't posted a good headshot on their online profiles, are immediately excluded from consideration."   
using a photo of your pet, your kid or a cute quote won't cut it
Do you really think a recruiter will appreciate your dog photo?  Serious professionals are not afraid to post their photo AND they take the time and effort to project their best professional self.
any inappropriate photo shows that you don't care
For those folks who at least have some kind of photo online, having a bad one is almost as bad as not having one at all.  It's like showing up to an interview in sweat pants.  You clearly aren't paying attention to the details -- big or small.
A professional headshot with a photographer is nice if you have the money to spend. And yes... a professional photographer can deliver some beautiful images. 


A typical portrait sitting will cost you between $600 - $1,800... and it'll take at least half a day.  If you've lost your jobs, it's hard to justify spending that much money on a profile picture... Even though you know it's really important.

What if there was an easier, faster, and totally affordable way to get Hollywood-quality airbrushing that's so natural nobody [not even your mother] can tell you did it? 

Would you do it? 
 And, How about if you could do it with a Photo Taken With your cellphone...
 And Get It Back In about a day....
 Without even leaving your house....
 And spend only $37....

Now, people just like you -- who are not rich, or famous -- can have a professional headshot, without the hassle of putting on tons of makeup, personal styling, expensive photographers -- not to mention the time that all takes!
magazine retouching
Yesssss.  Everyone knows that every image we see  in magazines and ads are all altered to make them look even betterAnd how fair is that? Those beautiful people already look great; they don't really need any extra help... 

Great pictures aren't taken, they're made....

You deserve a great profile picture
How it works
Just place your order & upload your photo. 

Complete the form to tell us what you'd like done.

Choose a new background for your image from our list.

We'll retouch your photo, to your requirements.

We email your finished photo to you in about a day.

 It's still the natural you --  just a little bit fresher, a little bit younger, definitely very professional!  And looking a smidge more youthful can help you land interviews. Once you're in the door, you have a chance.
 Getting more calls from recruiters or hiring managers....
 How confident you'll feel with a beautiful, professional and flattering profile picture...
 Getting noticed for your professional image...

None of this happens without a professional profile picture...

It's affordable.  It's fast.  It's easy.  
You can't afford to NOT do it.

look at everything your professional profile picture does for you
The Center of Your Online Persona
brand yourself
Branding yourself is important and so often overlooked.  

You can easily brand yourself by aligning your profile picture to your skills, industry and even the specific company(ies) you wish to target in your search. 

builds trust
You instantly build trust when you show people who you are -- physically.  

When you can control your photo, you can control what it conveys about you. Show them what they want to see
cures curiosity
Nobody likes to have a complete stranger walk in the door.  Having a great profile picture engages them early on.  

When you are in the interview, they'll feel like they already know you from checking you out online.

Right Here. Right Now.  Only $37.

 No picture yet?  No problem!  You can order today and upload your photo when you're ready.  No need to rush. Just keep your order confirmation so you have the upload link when you're ready to transform your online life!
What's included
bASIC RE-TOUCHING with Digital Makeup
First, we load up your photo and do some adjustments to the exposure, brightness, contrast, highlights and shadows overall. 

If requested, we will add digital makeup to enhance your features without looking tacky or fake.  

Skin Smoothing
Today's high resolution cameras and high-definition everything seem to catch every flaw... every stray hair or blemish.

Using special editing techniques, we smooth out fine lines and shadows, blemishes and uneven skin tones to create a beautiful facial image.
background change
If you love the picture of you, but don't love the stuff (or people) in the background, we can lift your image off the background and replace it.

This minimizes all distractions and focuses the viewer's eye on what's important -- you!

Since there are so many folks who have a story similar to mine, [I've heard from so many people who went through the same situation!] we're offering a special rate to help you face the job search with confidence!  
Look great and feel confident!  
wE ARE so sure you'll love your new profile picture... 
We Guarantee It!
If you are not 100% satisfied with you photo, just let us know and we'll keep working it until you are!
and if you order right now, you'll get these free bonuses.
01. posing hacks
There is a science to posing... you see it with famous people on the red carpet, they clearly practice it.  

As normal folks, we don't practice our camera face enough.  This quick guide will help you ensure you take the best photo possible.  Instant digital download.

02. image size cheat sheet
You'll receive our infographic on the most common social media image size requirements, so you'll be able to size your images perfectly.

Stop guessing at what size your Facebook business page cover image or LinkedIn profile should be!

Thanks for creating a profile pic that represents me. The finishing touches (and then some!) that I cannot do with makeup (don’t know how! and I’ve never spent days trying to figure it out) are amazing. It’s great to finally have profile pic I love to represent me WORLDWIDE. The process was quick and easy. It still is clearly “me” but with improvements that makeup artists would know how to create. No makeup artist fee, nor professional photographer sit-down fee. I like the casual look for a head shot, not a corny head turn pose that looks obviously forced. I could use my own photos for submission, and then Pix Perfection did the rest! Simple, easy, quick, satisfying results. Definitely recommend!
- judy, voice dialogue coach
Kate came to my office and shot some photos. She showed me the original photos as she took them, and I didn’t like any of them for one reason or another. But she assured me that I would love the final pictures. I admit, I was skeptical…. The results are truly amazing. I use the PNG file on all my social media marketing posts. I can easily create my own social media posts without paying a graphic designer. That alone is where a I save a ton of money.  My brother paid over $1,800 for his professional headshots. I paid less than $100 and got a lot more in much less time.  
- regina, financial industry
I needed a new corporate headshot, so I asked Kate to come to my office and take the photo in front of the glass block wall we use as the backdrop for all our corporate headshots.  Kate suggested I send her a photo of me, standing against a wall, and then send her a separate photo of the glass block wall. She spliced the two together and I had a perfect headshot in a day.  And, a little subtle lighting improvements really make the shot pop.  Kate does a remarkable job of turning an ordinary picture into a beautiful headshot. I could not have asked for more!
- elizabeth, corporate director
Yes! When we balance out the lighting, fine lines and wrinkles become less pronounced. They're still there and visible [unless you want us to erase them entirely] but they don't detract from your photo. It's not the first thing you see because the shadows that the fine lines create are smoothed out.
Of course! You'll want your beautiful new profile picture right away, but if you don't have a picture to upload right now, don't worry. Just keep your confirmation email with the upload link and send it to us when you are ready.
No, it's not cheating — No more than wearing professional clothing to work, or putting on make up. The truth is, you could look the same as the final image, you'd just need to spend some time putting on real make up [instead of digital make up] to achieve the same results we can get digitally.     
Yes!  The final photo(s) will be emailed to you.  You can upload your photo to your Facebook profile, your LinkedIn profile, and any other social media or accounts that require a profile image.  The finished photos will still be high resolution, so you can use them anywhere.     
Yes, we can improve just about anything facial on the image.  Check out some our before and after pictures to see how much improvement can be done. 
See for yourself the amazing results...
Red-Eye Removal 
Acne Repair
Improve Skin Tone
Blemish Repair
Moderate Wrinkle Reduction
Digital Makeup
Remove Shadow & Change Background

Corporate Headshot with Light Digital Makeup & Background Change
get your perfect profile pictures [and free bonuses] now!  
Exclusive Offer - Only $37
Yours FREE if you buy today!
Yours FREE if you buy today!
Here's a recap of everything you'll get
  • Professional Headshot Retouching: Valued at a minimum of $600
  • Bonus #1 Posing Hacks
  • Bonus #2 Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet
Get it All TODAY for just $37
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